Nipple Torture

Vinyl Queen pulls on nipple chains.

Nipple torture is a term that refers to any sort of sensation administered to the nipple area. I enjoy playing with nipples with everything from my fingertips to hemostats. I have a variety of clamps and weights in my arsenal. I can also whip that area or smack it with a crop. The truly masochistic trampling lover will be stunned at what I can do with my stilettos on his chest.

In the past I have written here that nipple torture is more of a supplement to a session, rather than the focus. This is no longer the case since I have become SO adept with this particular type of torture. My variety of clips, clamps, heels, cups, etc. make it so that I couldn't possibly use them all in one session. If you are a TRUE nipple torture slut, why not bring me some new clamps to add to my arsenal? That is the easiest way to making points prior to a session...